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Water Is Also Your Hair's Worst Enemy ( PART 1)

This post is under for the love of the comb series.

Several times we have been told, several times we have also heard that water is the hair's best friend. I do agree because there are times that I can't go without putting  a little water on my hair mixed with my hair cream even when I'm not washing it. I found out that water gives me  access to easier and less painful combing, but it might sadden you to know that as much as water is known as the hair's best friend, it's also in fact the hair's worst enemy.
Problem: Have you ever wondered why the time your hair breaks the most is when you are washing it?

Cause: The reason why it is said that water is the hair's best friend is because as water is poured on the hair, it expands and then has the ability to absorb polar and some non-polar substances. This expansion helps the hair to accept substances that are put on the hair  like dyes, hot oil treatments, and other hair treatments that require moisture and heat. This expansion also leaves room for negative effects on the hair. It allows the rate of the bad effects of the sun on your hair to go high, such as sun-linked discoloration, keratin alteration, and melanin degradation which causes fragility and promotes damage. This is what causes high breakage when washing your hair.

Solution: Try to use hair products that offer protection to ultraviolet rays especially from the sun.

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