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For The Love Of Comb: Introduction

For the Love Of Comb.

Hello guys, do you ever feel curious about your hair? Well I do. I am starting a series called "For The Love Of Comb" which is going to be about me researching and helping you guys to know more about your hair, and also gain knowledge in the process on how to properly manage your hair. 

I am going to begin with telling you that the hair is not as fragile as you think, in fact the hair is really strong and can withstand a lot of weight due to the organization of the keratin in the cortex. You might find it unbelievable for the fact that your hair strands don't withstand a lot of weight which is mostly true, but your hair could actually withstand about twelve tons if the the scalp was stronger. In this series you are going to be learning a lot about those strands on your scalp that gives you both beauty and pain.
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