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Tired Of White Flakes Caused by Gel -- check out the next best thing.

I loved using gel, but it made my hair look white and flaky sometimes, so I gave it a break. Now I've found the next best thing, Organic Root Stimulator's Olive Oil Smootn-N-Hold Pudding

It is a moisturizing gel hydrant, and not actually a gel gel. It doesn't feel sticky like most products with gel. It feels like your normal hair lotion with a different texture. DIFFERENT TEXTURE!!, BUT I JUST SAID IF FEELS THE SAME. I love, it love it, and I'm sticking to it.
I recommend this product to any person tired of the snowflakes on your hair from using strong hold gels or gels in general because it doesn't leave white residue after it dries. This pudding does not leave your hair stone hard as you will expect from a gel, but it does a good job in keeping all those poke-nosers on your hair down from making it look frizzy. Click here to buy it on amazon.
Note: I wasn't told to review this, it's part of my hair products, NOT A SAMPLE.

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