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Till I Met You (My Fashion Story.)

Mrs. Fashion: Hey Patience.
Me: Hey Mrs. Fashion.
Mrs. Fashion: How has you live been?
Me: Good.
Mrs. Fashion: Well, it doesn't look like it, what are you thinking about?
Me:  Honestly my live has been been good. It's just that I've thinking about how my live changed when I met you .
Mrs. Fashion: How?
Me: Before I was eleven,
I wore everything that was given to me, the super puffed hand dresses and shirts, my pants were either too big and long or are above my ankles. I thought I had worn the cutest baby clothes, but when I see my old pictures, I'm like ugh, I can't believe I wore that.

 My tenth birthday was the worst, I remember helping to bake my birthday cake, and also eating the hard frozen frosting. I picked a dress that I've never worn to go to church as I was celebrating it during Sunday school at my church. I wore a dress with a black suede upper, and the lower part was a flowing shimmy black and red checkered fabric. The dress had long sleeves with puffed hands more than four inches high, and I wore it with a big black Sunday hat that had golden drops. I had thought that it was the most adorable piece of clothing in my wardrobe, but I realized that I was wrong when I met you the following year. Every time I look at the picture, I almost want to smash my brains with my skull. I wonder why I had not worn the dress with a navy blue suede and white lower part, but I try to comfort myself by telling myself that I was just a kid. 

Presently, I'm very conscious of my outfits to the extent that I'm tempted to wear a cocktail dress at home.
Mrs. Fashion: Wow that's a lot of thinking.
Me: Yeah, and it's all because of you.
Mrs. Fashion: Woah, no blames on me here. I didn't come to you.
Me: I know, I was the one that said hi, and you know what.
Mrs. Fashion: What?
Me: I don't regret it one bit.

 This is my fashion story. What's yours?

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