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Grim Fashion Sense Will Rule The World

The direction of fashion is going from the light to a dark wide hole. We are disgusted by the modern fashion that we have resorted to going back in the days.
The modern fashion sense is a personal invention, and not a
trend as it was seen in the 80's. We are dressed to get attention, the one we might never find. Bathing suits have been diverted to casual day to day fashion. The Garden of Eden era is erupting in an opposite way.
Clothes are no longer worn to cover our nakedness and for protection, but to get everyone talking. The coming years might come with a lot more important problems than fashion, but they will be ignored because we are going to be facing the problem of keeping people clothed. Sex education lessons will be changed to "Fashion Education Lessons". More of the body will be seen, and what is put on the body will be like a single Christmas ornament hidden at the under a naked tree. Personalities will be ignored, the real us will be hidden in the grim hole of our inappropriate fashion sense. We will be blind, and we will not listen to people telling us the discoloration on the supposedly hidden parts of our body. Fashions shows will be rated R. How do we stop this

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