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Three Reasons Why Your Skin Care Product Is Not Working For You.

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It's not a new thing to have a problems with the skin. A damaged skin with zits, acne, discoloration, eczema, and various skin problems are not a girl's best friend. In an effort to get rid of all this skin problems that generate self-concerns and self-consciousness, you buy skin care products to help you get rid of these skin nemesis that you weren't born with. Most of the time you have to use different brands of skin care products before finding one that works for you, and the other times,nothing seems to work for you. In this post I'm going to tell you three reasons why your skin care products don't work for you.



The number one reason is that you are not committed. You are not committed, therefore you do not have a routine to help you in the application of your skin products. You procrastinate a lot and only apply your skin care products when you realize that you have to put it on your skin if you want to eliminate your skin concern, and by this time it might be a little too late which will make you start the whole process from the beginning.


The skin care product which you are using for your skin is too concentrated and contains harsh products like ethanol. The product you are using might be labeled for your skin type, but it's not actually for you. You do not notice any change after using the product for several days or weeks, and your normal body lotion even does a better job. The product might be a false and might not have worked for anybody.


This is an issue that a lot of people face, products hoarding. You use every product that you see advertised on TV, the ones you read about online that have worked for other people, every product that someone recommends to you. Your using of some many products at the same time is like using nothing at all because most skin care products give you warnings on the use of other products that are similar and that contains specific ingredients. Your use of so many skin products might end up harming your skin or neutralizing the effect of the working product.

A bonus reason is that you do not wash your face before using these products, or you use harsh products that contain ingredients like sulfates, and excess silicons.  (sulfates are ingredients usually found in soaps to make it lather. They strip your skin of its natural skin oils but are used because they are cheap.)

Do you face any of these problems? Comment below.

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