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Your Misconception About Your Personal Style

Have you ever worn something you liked so much at first sight, and you actually felt good wearing it. You felt beautiful in it. You go to that special event that you were invited to, you look around and admire the fashion sense of the other attendees, and then you start wondering if there was a dress code and you were not informed.
You feel out of place, and become self-conscious in the clothe that previously made you feel beautiful. At the end of the event, you leave with only one thought in mind that you seriously need to work on your fashion sense. This is one of the worst thoughts unless you dress inappropriately then you definitely need to work on your fashion sense.

When I say following I do not mean legalized or coordinated uniforms, I mean trends. You don't have to waste money to by an expensive formal dress for an event because you know that's what every one will be wearing, when you personally know that is going to be the only time that you will hat kind of clothing. You style is part of your personality, it identifies you, and it uniquely points out you out in the crowd. Trust me you lost in crowd of purple when you love red.

To be honest I love the combination of different eras in personal style as much as possible. Your style doesn't have to change completely and strictly with every change.  Old and new will make a great and unique fashion combination.

To be honest with you and my self , most terribly expensive clothing are usually ugly. What makes your cloth cheap is the combination not the price.

Words for you: You should always follow your style unless it is inappropriate.

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