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The Female's Place: When To And To Not Impose.

"A woman's place belongs in the kitchen." 
This is a statement that most females live the most or earlier parts of their lives hearing from their parents even their mothers.  We are not going to deny the whole statement because normally a female is supposed to be like mother hen. There is time and ways to impose that women are weaker. It is not something that should be thrown out of the mouth like food bathed in salt making us females feel like nothing.

Obviously we are often oblivious to facts concerning us. The feminine condition of a woman can be imposed in the following situations :
1. When a female thinks she can carry heavy things that might damage their body especially the waist.
2. When a female tries to put herself in complicated situation that might cause her to call for help later. An example of this would be when a female has or wants to go out during late in the night, and she refuses an escort because she believes that she can take care of herself.

To be precise this is where all things go wrong. Women are physically made weaker in body strength, but this does not mean that they also have weaker minds and should be given weaker roles  in the society.
1. You can not impose the feminine condition because you think that it is what women are supposed to do.
2. You can not impose the feminine condition because you think that it is the role of a man.
It is not entirely wrong to impose the feminine condition or the female's place if it is done rightly and respectfully in the right situations.

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