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How to make rosemary infused oil with olive oil and jelly jars

Jelly jars in the sun containing rosemary and olive oil
Rosemary has been proven to be of many benefits to the skin, hair, food, stress relieve, etc. Rosemary is among one of the leaves that are used to produce essential oils. Essential oils are expensive in the market and most of the times require special equipments which cost  a lot of money. Today I am going to write a tutorial on how to make a rosemary infused oil using olive oil. Note: you don't have to use olive oil, but that's the oil that I'm using.

Materials and ingredients needed.
Fresh rosemary plant.
  • Rosemary leaves ( preferably fresh).
  • Jelly jars or mason jars
  • Olive oil
  • Bowl
  • Sun.
  • Dark container or bottle.
1.  Get your desired amount of rosemary, and wash it in the bowl. Do not rub it together.
2. Allow the rosemary to dry if possible completely dry. ( mine did not dry completely).
3. Put the rosemary leaves in the jelly or mason jar and pour the olive oil. Make sure that the olive oil if not the part is not covered by the oil will rot.
4. Seal the lid of your jar tightly and put it under the sun.
5. Remember to check on it daily and also shake it.
6. Keep in the sun for two weeks or more.
6. Filter  the leaves from the oil. Throw the leaves away and store the oil in a tightly covered contained you van use the jars, but make sure to keep it away from heavy light.
7. Ta da your rosemary infused olive oil for your use. Subscribe to my newsletter to know when I write the post on what you can do with rosemary infused olive oil.

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