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Giving: For Charity Or For Fame

 We will be lying if we haven't asked ourselves the question about why people give to charities. Why do celebrities that are controversial in the entertainment industry and people that didn't care about others all of a sudden start giving to the charity.  Some celebrities whose names I won't mention have pledged halfheartedly to charity, while some go around and make promises to less privileged people without fulfilling them.

Some people give to charity because they have empathy for mankind and are willing to make the world a better place. Some give to charity because they fill guilty and uncomfortable when someone can't afford what they have in the most  of abundance. Some people give to charity because they were once in the same condition.  One of the most prominent reasons that I'm sure of on why people give to charity is for the purpose of getting tax deductible receipts. I wouldn't give to charity out of pity but I will give out of desire to help because I wouldn't want to seen as pity object if I were in the same condition.

Why do you give to charity or the less privileged? Is it for your own benefit, for charity, or for fame?

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